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A bachelor party with the Asian wedding planner

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Hiring a hot Asian wedding planner was the best idea ever, James said to himself. It’s his last night being single and he ditched everyone on his bachelor party to spend the night with Cherry, the girl his soon to be wife hired as a wedding planner. She offered to make his bachelor party memorable and it was a spur of the moment decision when he agreed to join her back to her place for sex. Cherry was already soaping wet when James when down on her. He started lapping juices, licking her clit and probing her tiny slit with his fingers. She was begging for him to fuck her, and he could feel her body tremble as he sucked her clit. James was ready, he rubbed a dab of spit into Cherry’s lower lip and slipped it in. He began to ride him while spreading and putting her thighs together, increasing the sensation while her slit squeezes his cock. She placed her hands on her tiny breasts and started tweaking her pink nipples, her small and frail body coping with every hard thrusts. He hung her legs on his shoulders and went deeper, Cherry let out a load moan every time it hit her inner walls of womanhood. He was about to explode when Cherry leaned down and took his dick inside her mouth, sucking the very tip while using his tiny fingers to stroke it. James pulled her by the hair and blew his load across Cherry’s mouth.

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