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Guy gets back at his scorned Asian ex-girlfriend

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“So, this was what she meant when she said she wanted more,” Frank said to himself while he humps her doggy style in her bedroom floor. He has her face down and ass up; grudge fucking her slutty half-Korean half-Vietnamese ex-girlfriend. Haley cheated on him couple of times and now she wants to get back. Frank wasn’t sure if this post-break up sex with her batshit crazy ex was a good idea, but he remembered how incredible she was on the sack.

He humps her with vengeance, she moans as he hits all the right spot. Haley was a moaner and she would say the nastiest things when fucking. He was certain that the old couple next door could hear them, but he didn’t care. He just kept rocking her hard back and forth, grabbing her big breasts while she frantically rubbed herself.

Frank was about to pull out when Haley grabbed him by the ass, and begged him to come inside. Frank could feel his dick throb and the juice squirt inside her wet cooch, but he continued thrusting. Without pulling it out, he managed to flip her over and made her ride his dick reverse cowgirl. She could feel the sweat and jizz trickle down her pussy lips as she pumped faster and faster, making his dick regain it’s second life. Almost immediately, she let out a long wail then followed by another blast of Frank’s load.

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